Below is a table showing all the guns available, what I think they were called in the ßETA version and what their real name is. If there is a question mark I am not sure.

Gun (Current Game) ßETA name Real Gun Name
PP7 Walther PPK Walther PPk
DD44 DostoveiTT33 TT33 Tokorev
KF7 SovietKF7 Soviet?ASK47
KlobbSpyderWVZ61 Scorpion
ZMG (9mm)ZMG (9mm)?UZI?/Automatic sub machine gun (9mm)
AR33 Assault RifleM16?M16 rifle?
D5K Destuche??
Automatic ShotgunAutomatic Shotgun?Automatic Shotgun
Sniper RifleSniper RifleSniper Rifle
Plastique Plastique?Plastic Bomb
Rocket LauncherRocket LauncherRocket Launcher
Grenade LauncherGrenade LauncherGrenade Launcher
Cougar MagnumBlackhawk MagnumMagnum
Hand GrenadeHand GrenadeHand Grenade
Golden GunThe gun is fictional, in the movie it was made from a lighter.
Moonraker LaserAgain this is fictional, lasers can burn and cut and grieviously damage... but I do not know of a laser that was designed to kill. Let alone shoot blue beams.
Taser boyTaser's really exist, there was no ßeta name for it unless it replaced the taser.

PP7 - Walther PPK
The Walther PPK was re-named the PP7 because of memory constraints. The guns name I think is real (PPK) it has been Bonds weapon of choice and he has used it in every movie except "Tomorrow Never Dies" in which he used the P99. It was first shown to Bond in Dr. No where it replaced his 'old' gun. If anyone picks up the name of his old gun please E-Mail me

DD44 Dostovei - TT33 - TT33 Tokorev
The DD44 Dostovei exists as a real gun. The TT33 Tokorev is probably a loud gun, it resembles the gun Ourumov tends to use (although in the Archives (film) he seemed to use a dark, black pistol, it may have even been Bond's PPK). in the ßETA version the gun was called the TT33 (Click the link for info on the TT33.)

KF7 Soviet - ASK 47
The KF7 soviet is the main enemy gun in the game, in the film I recall it being used by enemys in Facility, in the Military archives, and in other related places. I have no reason to it's re-naming except for the fact that the guns name may be copyright and the manufacturer of the gun would have probably taken legal action. The ASK 47 is not a common gun in the world, mostly used probably in wars. ASK 47 would have also probably been mocked by critics and gamers, try guessing why... On the right is a later version of ASK 47 which is the AK47 A. Although the left pic is more shaped, the right pic is more coloured, however, the old KF7 (pictured on the GE box) may have been based on the AK47 A.

Klobb - Spyder - WVZ 61 Scorpion
The Klobb is basically this, but then why was it named the Spyder in the ßETA version? My theory is that RARE named the gun after another gun (not the scorpion) but a gun called Spyder which had nothing to do with the Klobb/Scorpion, but that gun was copyrighted.

ZMG (9mm) - Uzi?/Automatic sub machine gun?
This gun resembles the Uzi (not pictured). But the Uzi has an extra handle at the back end of the gun. I didn't pick up the name of this particular gun because it was on a weapon site but I didn't catch the name, if anyone does know the name please E-Mail me. Anyway, I'm not sure whether it had a different ßeta name but I've heard it may be Uzi or Sub machine gun. But I don't know I'm afraid. Apparently it is a very accessible and easy gun to use in American real life, it is cheap and affective, also, it is just a little bigger than a pistol which makes it a haven for Terrorists.

AR33 Assault Rifle - M16 Rifle - M16 Rifle
The AR33 was again probably renamed because of copyrights, the M16 is a powerful rifle, used by the US and British Army. They are deadly rifles with zoom capabilities and 30 bullet clips. They appear to be hard to get hold of and aren't really the best item to try to sneak around in the hunt of the cops, in the Goldeneye game the bullets penetrate everything, in real life it would not of course.

RC-P90 - P-90
The RC-P90 is called P-90 in real life. The real gun only contains 50 bullets per clip. It is extremely agile, light and rapid fire. As quoted by the Terrorist "it must be a great gun to target practice with, I just wouldn't want to be the one paying for all the ammo". It may be the best gun ever made but it's probably the most expensive. Have you ever thought how much profit on ammo James Bond gets? I once heard that the gun was named (in the game) after "Reality Co Processor" and the computer used to create it clocked at 90mhz but now I've seen the picture I don't believe that rumour.

D5k Deutsche - MP5k
The D5k Deutsche looks extremely similar to the pictured MP5k. The copyright also seemed to inspire the name for the gun, there is a visible small knob which may be power, wouldn't it be awesome if we could set the power in the game. It is a gun generally used wih groups of soldiers, training especially, it is a gun you generally see chosen in films, it was (I think) used in the Control part of the movie.

Phantom - Spectre
The Spectre is a gun usually used by Terrorists and is easily available to them, again it may have been Spectre in the ßeta version but got re-named because of copyright. It isn't used much in the game and is used by the Janus 'Terrorists' on Frigate.

Hand Grenade
The Grenade pictured is a stun grenade, not a hand grenade but it was the best I could find. If anyone finds a picture of a real grenade please E-Mail it to me @demon or to Alex (go to E-Mail other people for help section). Hand grenades generally have 10 second fuses, in the GE game they only have 5.

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